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Sales Messaging Consulting & Why You Need It

Sales MessagingWhat do train tracks, kitchen drawers, and sales messaging have in common? If they aren’t aligned, they don’t work.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to align selling strategy with sales messaging.  The three main was to win in a market are by being the dominant a price leader, intimacy leader, or feature leader.  If you are unfamiliar with these market strategies, I recommend you first read our explanatory in The Right Sales Messaging.  Once you have picked which category your company is best suited to compete in, every part of your strategy needs to match: Sales, Marketing, Product, Customer Service; Everything. In this article we are going to discuss how this strategy needs to be applied to marketing efforts.


Improve Sales Performance

Consulting Sales ToolsEvery company wants to improve sales performance. Increasing the effectiveness of a sales team generates more revenue for the company which is the catalyst for fast growth, improved stability, and more smiles on the leadership team. There are many strategies and plans which can help improve sales performance, but two major concepts govern these tactics. Give the sales team the right tools to succeed, and motivate them to meet personal and company goals. Without the sales tools they need, reps are not enabled to reach their selling goals.


Do Your Sales Reps Have Phone Sales Training

Test Your Reps to See If They Need Help

Phone Sales Training, Sales Consulting, Phone Call TrainingHow many leads do you lose when your sales team isn’t picking up the phone, or is ineffective when they call? Each time you lose a lead, it leaves your sales team frustrated without knowing what went wrong, what tools they need to be more successful. Most salespeople need phone sales coaching, and role specific information and tools in order to be optimally effective. If these salespeople have never received phone sales training, they are losing deals they should have won! (more…)

The Importance of Call Scripts

Call Scripts

Call Scripts, Call Script, Sales Consulting, Phone Call
Instant communication such as email, texting and instant message have completely integrated with our daily lives. It is becoming increasingly rare to make actual phone calls for our daily conversations. We don’t exercise the skill of talking on the phone very often anymore, and our collective ability to communicate effectively on the phone fades with time. It is important to be prepared for any outcome when you pick up the phone to call a potential customer, but how can you be ready for all those possibilities? This is where call scripts can be extremely beneficial. They are easy to follow guidelines so that you always have a good response, and your phone calls will turn into new business. Well-written scripts enable everyone in your organization to sell like your top performers because their cold call scripts are based on tactics and answers your top performers use. (more…)

The Right Messaging

Sales Messaging

Sales Messaging, Leader, Sales Consulting FirmSales messaging unites your entire organization in the way you attack your market; it can be the toolkit that the rest of your sales tools rely on. Every competitive market has multiple competing sales messages, so how do you stand out? It is impossible for one company to offer every customer everything they want in a product or solution. If you try, you will fail. It is not possible that one company can offer the best features, the best price, and the most intimate customer experience. This principle is why any successful corporation is where it is today, because it dominates 1 of 3 competitive categories: Value, Features, Customer Intimacy. None of these strategies are better than another, but it is important to know where the whitespace is in your market, and how you fit best. (more…)