Paint the Picture®: What You Sell

Overcoming Fear to do what is needed in SalesIn order to effectively sell a product or solution, it is essential to possess the ability to accurately and concisely describe what you sell and why people should buy it.

Your sales team should be able to sum up what you sell and describe the benefits it can bring about to a potential customer.

Ideally sales staff should be capable of communicating what you sell within under thirty seconds, as a customer will be less likely to bite if he or she is on the receiving end of a long, rambling speech that takes forever to get to the point. 

What You Sell: Gaining a Clearer Picture

The Paint-the-Picture® program can help you to identify the advantages that are associated with your product and assess how it measures up against competitors’ offerings.

It can provide you with a clearer picture of what your business pains, benefits and bold claims are and deliver an elevator pitch that will summarize exactly what you are selling and why your customers should buy it.

The program can also help you to put together effective call and email scripts, update your messaging, develop your value proposition and perfect your executive presentation.

Describing your Product

Increasing your familiarity with your product will enable you to close more sales and generate a higher level of profit. The more you know about the product/solution that you are selling, the more competent you will be at selling it.

Not only do you need to be familiar with your product but your sales team also needs to be able to effectively describe it to potential purchasers, highlighting the reasons why they should buy it.

Download Our Free Paint-the-Picture® WorkshopTemplate!

Developing a sales strategy, message and process that are consistent, clearly defined and effective can contribute significantly to sales success. Below we have included a link to download our free Paint-the-Picture® Workshop Template. This workshop will go over business pains, benefits and bold claims and why they are crucial in developing strong value propositions that will compel your prospects to act in under a minuet! Click the download link below to receive your free Paint-the-Picture® Workshop Template. 

Are you worried that your sales team is not able to accurately paint a picture of what you are selling?

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