The Importance of Customized Sales Tools

As a sales consulting firm, we’ve been in the business of making sales tools for almost ten years. With over one hundred successful engagements under our belt in all types of industries, it’s no surprise that we’ve handled countless numbers of sales tools. In our definition, sales tools are anything used by the Inside Sales and/or Direct Sales teams to move efficiently and effectively through the sales process. Sometimes these tools run over into sales management, sales operations and marketing as well. Examples include: blueprints, close plans, value propositions, etc.

Because every industry, organization, sales process, sales person and even sales technique is so vastly different, no sales tools can be created equal. We’ve seen time and time again that the templatizing and generalizing of sales tools leads nowhere, except perhaps to sitting in a dusty binder on a shelf or filed in the back of an overstuffed filing cabinet. In order to create sales tools that truly work, we believe that each one needs to be completely customized for the client. We also realize that companies aren’t cookie-cutter versions of one another; therefore some sales tools that make a big difference in one company’s culture will not be meaningful in another’s.

We take great pride in becoming a core part of our client’s company infrastructure, and becoming their go-to person for sales tools and techniques. In order to do this effectively, sales tools need to be accessible, customized and meaningful. They need to become a core part of the sales person’s daily life on the job, and this means that sales management and teams need to be involved in the creation of their tools to provide the crucial feedback necessary to make lasting deliverables. Although this takes much more time and work than creating carbon copies of sales tools for each of our clients, we can sleep at night knowing that our clients have sales toolboxes that are able to create quantifiable and sustainable results.

Eric Morse

CEO & Founder

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