Paint the Picture®: Understanding What You’re Selling, Who You Are Selling to and How You Sell It

PTP2Paint the Picture®: Unifying your sales strategy, messaging and process is an essential step towards optimizing your company.

It is crucial to ensure that everybody is reading from the same page and that each element of your business is clearly defined.

By unifying your message, you can ensure that no one within your sales team employs an ineffective pitch.

It is essential for sales staff to be able to accurately describe your solution/service and state why your customers should buy it before the person that they are selling to lose interest.

Unifying Your Sales Approach

It is equally important to make sure that your staff adheres to a consistent sales approach.

They should follow a mapped out sales process and approach potential buyers when they are at a suitable point within their purchase cycles.

You should clearly define what you are selling, who you are selling it to and how you are going to sell it.

Need assistance in this area? Sales Result Inc.’s Paint-the-Picture® program can help you to develop a sales strategy, message and process that are both consistent and capable of achieving results.

Paint-the-Picture®: Overview

There are a number of ways in which Paint-the-Picture® can be beneficial to your business.

It can help you to identify pain points, which are processes that reduce staff productivity.

It can also aid you with your letter, call and email scripts.

The program can help you to reach a point where your sales staff can deliver an effective yet efficient value proposition to customers.

Objection Handling Strategy

Paint-the-Picture® can improve your objection handling strategy. This is an area in which many companies are lacking.

The inability to competently respond to objections is often a major barrier to sales. However with the correct advice and training, this obstacle can easily be overcome.

Putting together an effective objection handling strategy is a key step in developing a sales strategy. It can mean the difference between losing potential customers and getting them on board.

Elevator Pitches

Another way in which this program can help is that it can aid with the creation of elevator pitches, which are brief summaries used to simply and quickly define your product and outline its value proposition. These pitches are critical for capturing customers’ attention and conveying the relevant information to them before their minds wander elsewhere.

Other areas covered by Paint-the-Picture includes updated messaging for your company and service offerings, sales coverage plan, account blueprints and competitive overview.

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