Paint the Picture®: Defining Business Pains

Success_By_NumbersGaining a clear view of who you are selling to involves the identification of potential clients’ business pains.

A business pain is anything that harms the profitability or smooth running of an organization.

In order to sell a product to a company, it is important to have a clear image of the problems that it faces. That way, you can offer potential solutions. 

Business Pains and Objection Handling

Identifying customers’ business pains is an essential component of objection handling.

When preparing for a conversation or a meeting with a prospect, you should take time to consider how the most common objections that crop up relate to the business pains within the potential client’s company.

The more attention you pay to this issue, the greater the likelihood of success there will be.

Discovery Questions

All prospects suffer from business pains that require solutions.

No companies are perfect, meaning that there are always areas of weakness that can be identified.

By gaining an understanding of potential clients’ business pains and the factors that are causing them, you can make statements about what you’re selling and how those solutions can provide value.

Strategic questions known as ‘discovery questions’ can be asked in order to reveal hidden business pains. This can provide you with a deeper understanding of how to sell your product to a client.

Knowledge is Power

The key to selling is having a firm knowledge of why your customers need it.

It is extremely difficult to sell a product to somebody if you have no idea how it will benefit them. Identifying problems that it will resolve can help you to provide more effective pitches and close more sales.

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