Winning Sales Team

Winning Sales Teams- Bringing all the right components together

Winning sales teams is a true sales force—one that must be reckoned with, and one that your competitors envy. Will you fill your ranks with go-getters than deliver consistent results, or a motley group that struggles to even bait prospects? Being around the sales team day-in and day-out can make it hard to keep a perspective on right members of your team, and those who could use help.

By bringing the right people aboard early on, your team will reduce its turnover rate, retain high performers, and penetrate new markets with improved sales coverage. Winning Sales Teams ensures that your sales force is prepared for optimum performance—providing profiling, recruiting, hiring, and ramping-up of sales reps with the right sales process, sales strategy and sales compensation to WIN. Your winning sales team is at the very foundation of your organization, so make sure that the right people are on your sales team, and motivate them properly.

Whether you need to push an existing team into high gear or build a new one from the ground up, we’re with you every step of the way. From strategizing compensation plans to planning territory management, we’ll make sure that your sales force is perfectly equipped to succeed and become another Winning Sales Teams.

What’s Included

Hiring Profiles Job Descriptions
Compensation Plans Quota and territory planning
Recruiting, interviewing and hiring Ramp-up of new hires
Approach Strategies Management coaching and guides