Is your Sales Organization Thinking or Just Doing?

Thinking_ManSo first please sit and take a deep breath.


Why is it when we go in to so many organizations in our Sales Consulting practice do we notice one commonality? Sales organizations and salespeople are doing more and thinking less!

So what do I mean? Everyone has a CRM, they have great data, they seem to have great training, great solutions and other key things, but it seems like either they do not want to see the obvious, or in my opinion they are just doing. (more…)

Paint the Picture®: Defining Business Pains

define business painsGaining a clear view of who you are selling to involves the identification of potential clients’ business pains.

A business pain is anything that harms the profitability or smooth running of an organization.

In order to sell a product to a company, it is important to have a clear image of the problems that it faces. That way, you can offer potential solutions.  (more…)

Paint the Picture®: Who You Sell To

Sales Consulting Paint the pictureIn order to sell a product, you need to understand the people that it is aimed at. Knowing who they are and what makes them tick can help you to target your sales pitch at them.

You should know what types of people are likely to buy your product or solution, what motivation they might have for buying it and why your product is important to them.

The more information you possess about your customers, the more you will be able to map your sales process to their buying processes.  (more…)

Paint the Picture®: What You Sell

Paint the Picture SalesIn order to effectively sell a product or solution, it is essential to possess the ability to accurately and concisely describe what you sell and why people should buy it.

Your sales team should be able to sum up what you sell and describe the benefits it can bring about to a potential customer.

Ideally sales staff should be capable of communicating what you sell within under thirty seconds, as a customer will be less likely to bite if he or she is on the receiving end of a long, rambling speech that takes forever to get to the point.  (more…)

Winning Sales Process #2: Key Activity vs. Activity

email-marketing-salesA clearly defined sales process is essential in today’s selling environment for closing sales and ensuring that your company achieves its sales strategy at maximum profitability. Sales processes should not only outline what to do at each step but also describe the goals that should be achieved, including key activities or sales milestones.

A key activity is an activity that simply defined, moves the sale or opportunity forward. A good sales process should detail precisely what these key activities or milestones are and how many of them should be completed within a specified time period. Key activity metrics should also be implemented and reviewed regularly with each sales person. (more…)