SaaS Sales Compensation Consultant

Saas Sales Compensation Consultation Keeps Great Staff

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A capable sales staff can be a company’s greatest asset.

As a sales Saas sales compensation consultant I have learned that successful SaaS companies have great inside salespeople that leverage a great sales process to grow their business.

The manner in which a sales staff conducts itself is often a reflection of the compensation program. Additionally, performance may be determined by how effective the Saas sales compensation program is. (more…)

Sales Success and Effectiveness

Develop a Successful and Effective Sales Plan

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There’s an equation we use for successful selling. It is focus + segmentation = higher win ratio at a lower cost. Focus and segmentation can be outlined in a sales coverage model, which we believe is one of the most important tools for any successful sales organization.

At first glance, the sales coverage model may seem basic but used properly it can become the basis for your sales success. A sales coverage model must be defined and transparent, and it must contain the following: (more…)

Sales Coverage Model: The Need for Hunters

Coverage Model: Hunters

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Growth, what does that mean to your business? At our Sales Consulting Firm, we look at growth from these perspectives:

1. Organic growth. You have a book of business and from that base you set a plan to grow those accounts by x% each year. It can also be accomplished by raising prices for the same services, by selling the same accounts new services or solutions or by selling new dept. or new divisions within the existing account. (more…)

Cold Calling Still Works. Here’s Why

Pick Up The Phone And Cold Call

Cold Calling, Sales Consulting Firm, Sales ProcessToday’s buyer has a world of information at their fingertips, and couldn’t possibly be persuaded by a cold call, right? Wrong. This sales consulting firm would tell you that you need to call now more than ever, and maybe just adjust your goal.

It used to be that a sales process would really start with building awareness, interest, consideration, and intent to purchase before even an alternatives evaluation phase. The salesperson had a lot of work to do before they were battling competitors in the evaluation phase. Before information was so widely available on the internet, the sales process was much longer, and more segmented for sales reps.

Objection Handling

How to Handle Objections

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One of the most fundamental aspects of selling is the ability to effectively and consistently answer objections. In our Executive Sales Discovery and Gap Analysis™ that we conduct worldwide, we find this as a constant theme: The inability of sales organizations or individuals to effectively and consistency answer objections that are posed during the sales process. This, to me, is one of the larger hidden revenue blockers in any organization. I encourage you to check it out yourself in your organization. (more…)