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Why SRi?

We are the sales consulting firm that prides ourselves on our proven ability to build, fix, optimize, and enable winning sales teams. Our consultants believe that every client is different, and as such, we don't offer a canned methodology that may or may not work for your unique organization. Sales Result offers proven sales tools, coaching, sales strategy, and a customized sales process that will give your organization a culture of winning. 


Our Founder

Eric Morse SRi FounderEric Morse

Eric Morse has over three decades of professional experience in sales, both directly in the field and in management. After honing his sales approach and process as a five-time national top salesperson for major sales organizations, Eric held sales leadership roles at leading computer software and hardware companies, including a Fortune 500 technology provider.

Eric prides himself on developing disciplined and results-focused sales programs. Many of the sales processes, systems and plans designed and implemented during his years in management remain in use today. Prior to founding SRi, Eric co-founded Bridgeforce—a successful consulting services provider to the world’s top 100 financial institutions—where he led all brand, marketing and sales strategies.

Our Clients Say it Best

Executives & Sales Directors

"The SRi team was very successful in aligning sales personnel with corporate objectives and instilling sales process and methodologies that helped the team achieve best-ever results."

Founder, leading global managed service security provider

"For any business that is forward-thinking and looking to grow, I would strongly recommend that they seriously consider SRi’s valuable proposition and contribution. It's a great business decision for any any sales-driven organization."

CEO, leading UK solutions provider

"SRi was the best thing that could happen to me and my company. Due to SRi, we quickly won channel partners and improved the sales strategy. Even one of the largest tenders in our history was due to the their help."

Regional Sales Director, DACH region of EMEA


Sales VPs

"We enlisted the services of SRi to help establish and reinforce sales processes and more consistent and reliable reporting. SRi delivered. They provided the tools, structure and training for us to better manage our pipeline and close more deals more quickly."

SVP of Sales, leading worldwide analytics company

"SRi helped me achieve previously unattainable results with my team. Their process and methodology brought needed rigor to our sales process, sales management and reporting. SRi gets results!"

SVP, worldwide sales

"Because of SRi, our company is in more of a partnership with our customers. Before SRi, it was about adding on numbers of licenses. Now it's about adding on modules and learning more about their business. They look to us more as a consultant than just a sales team."

VP of Sales, leading CRM help desk solution